The Best Cannabutter

How to Make Cinnamon Infused Cannabutter

The Best Cannabutter for Sweet Edibles

What is Cannabutter? It is butter infused with THC and other cannabinoids.

Cannabutter is the base of many great edible recipes. This recipe, in particular, makes many Incredible Edibles delectable. You have found your new favorite recipe for cannabutter, and it’s only fair that you accept that now. Cinnamon Infused Cannabutter is easy, delicious, and potent. Making it an excellent base for any butter-based edible you’re looking to make. 

Brownies, cookies, biscuits, frosting, pie crusts, and anything butter-based that would go well with cinnamon can be turned into incredible edible by the best cannabutter you’ve ever made.  

Trust me; it’s worth taking the time. Making the cannabutter rather than throwing weed or kief into brownie mix and hoping it works. It does work, but not as well as it could, and why half-ass your pot brownies and get kinda high when you could whole-ass them and get so high you connect with the universe. 

It’s not a complicated process; it just takes time, and therefore patience. 

Without further adieu, The Best Cannabutter Ever! Watch the video here.

The Recipe:

½ oz./ 14g of weed – Shake works or use your favorite strain2 Cups / 454g butter – Use high-quality, unsalted, organic butter to avoid additional water and foreign substitutes.1 Cinnamon stick
Slow CookerFine Mesh StrainerCheese Cloth


Decarboxylate the weed:
Preheat oven to 240°F | 116°CBake the weed for 40 mins Take out and let it kool Note – Your home will smell like you’re baking bud – 😱 Surprise, Surprise
Infuse butter:
Set Slow cooker to ‘Low’ for 4hrs (Yup, this is the bulk of the time) Put the decarboxylated bud, butter, and cinnamon stick in the slow cooker Hit ‘Start’ and close the lidStart writing your novel
Strain butter:
After the cooking time has elapsed, open the slow cooker and strain your cannabutter into a storage container or mixing bowlStrain with a mesh colander and cheesecloth.
*You can clarify the butter before straining it. But I don’t. And, if you don’t know why you would do this, then it also doesn’t matter to you. 

Portion Vertically – Gravity affects how the cannabinoids settle. Therefore, if you only need part of the cannabutter, do not only use the top.

Mix well – Don’t be lazy. Evenly distribute the cannabutter throughout the mixture.

The Best Cannabutter

Versatile cannabutter is the best cannabutter.

Turn almost anything into an edible with a smear of the best cannabutter you have ever made. 

What is Decarboxylation?


Decarboxylation is the process of heating weed to unlock the THC and other Cannabinoids to get you high. 

THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids in a nug are locked up on carboxyl rings and can’t get you high until freed. 


Decarboxylation is the process of heating cannabis to activate the compounds within the plant by releasing the carboxyl group.

Cannabinoid acids found in the trichomes of raw marijuana flowers are inactive cannabinoids with an extra carboxyl ring attached to their molecular chain. When heated or decarboxylated, a carboxyl group is released from the molecular structure as CO2 converting the previously inactive compound into its active form that interacts with the body. 

There are many myths around decarboxylating, and I will not dispel any except that it is worth the effort to make the best cannabutter. 

Cannabutter Potency

Knowing how potent your cannabutter is can be hard to tell. Accurately determining cannabutters’ potency is difficult even for professionals, so any calculations are estimates based on research and best practices.

Several Cannabis Cooking Calculators like Kind Meds can help you guestimate how potent your edibles will be. The recommended serving is 5-10mg/edible. However, this recipe is not for the faint of heart as it comes in at 133mg each for a dozen edibles using 14 grams of marijuana with approx. 18% THCA. 

The strength of the weed you use will play a massive role in the potency. 

What’s Lost in the Extraction Process? 

When making the best cannabutter, keep in mind there will be some lost THC. But the amount you retain will be worth the effort. 

One thing to note is a given amount of THCA (the non-intoxicating acid breaks down to become THC) doesn’t convert on a 1 to 1 ratio. The conversion rate is 0.88. Many producers will do this conversion for you and give the potential amount of THC in a strain on the packaging, while others just show the percentage of THCA present. 

Next, take into account the inefficiency of butter and oil extraction. “For clients that normally extract into dairy butterfat, they discover they only extracted between 40 and 60 percent of the cannabinoids and terpenoids,” explains Dr. Kymron deCesare, chief research officer at comprehensive cannabis testing facility Steep Hill Labs. Others in the industry estimate efficacy to be close to 30 percent. 

Note: certain oils are less effective at extracting – butter and coconut oil are the most ideal –  others like canola and vegetable oil retain lower amounts of cannabinoids.

When making even the ‘best cannabutter,’ “the only way to know for sure [how potent your homemade edible is] would be to have the butter analyzed so you know exactly how much THC is in it,” says deCesare. However, the jury is out on the accuracy of butter potency tests.

Making Edibles

When making edibles, the best cannabutter to regular butter ratio is 1 to 1. A cup of butter is equal to a cup of cannabutter for most cookie and brownie recipes. However, keep in mind that it will lose some water when infusing your butter, yielding less cannabutter. Higher quality butter has less water, so it’s better not to go cheap. 

There will be more Incredible Edibles recipes to come.

There you have it, folks, the best cannabutter you will ever make. Simple, delicious, and potent. Determine how much weed to use by using a potency calculator, or live on the wild side and possibly chat with the devil. It’s your choice 🙂

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