The Best Cannabutter

How to Make Cinnamon Infused Cannabutter The Best Cannabutter for Sweet Edibles What is Cannabutter? It is butter infused with THC and other cannabinoids. Cannabutter is the base of many great edible recipes. This recipe, in particular, makes many Incredible Edibles delectable. You have found your new favorite recipe for cannabutter, and it’s only fairContinue reading “The Best Cannabutter”


Taylor inhales sharply through his nose, then begins, “There are two kinds of people who survive this plain of existence, the strong and the smart. Often at odds, because they are told they are so different. But, in reality…” “Dude shut the fuck up. This is not the time for your existential bullshit.” I whisperContinue reading “Hush”


“Why did we get off here? At this stop in bumfuck nowhere?” Karen asked. “There’s gold up in them there hills,” Connor said staring into the hills in the distance. Barely containing his laugh using his poor excuse for a prospector’s accent, “We’re go’n find it and be rich. Yup, just you and me Cletus”Continue reading “Picking”


  “Hey, Where’s Yara today? Doesn’t she usually work Mondays?” “She’s out sick, but she showed me everyone’s usual orders. So can I have your name, sir?” He stepped into the shop small enough to be a broom closet, the kind of shop with patrons drawings and fliers all over the walls, and frosted windows,Continue reading “Coffee”

Walks with Morgan – Caroline

Smoke is caught in the breeze as she walks through Vondelpark. Caroline notices children playing in the field to her left, a group of friends sharing a meal, some drinks, and each other on the right. Warmed by the sun, she strolls down the path. Stopping to look at the river and let the momentContinue reading “Walks with Morgan – Caroline”

The Dark

“Have you ever felt like there is a different you watching you as you do things? Like you’re doing the things. BUt, You’re also watching yourself do them,” asks Dante shielding his eyes from the setting sun’s light with his first baseman’s glove. “Dude why are you talking to me?” asks number 22 Reinhart slowlyContinue reading “The Dark”


“I thought it was my idea,” I say through the smoky haze. Seven of us sat around the table cards in hand. “Why did you think that?” asks Lauren who sat at his 2’o’clock. “Well, I had essentially invited myself to be apart of her New Year’s plans,” I say, noticing the looks of judgment,Continue reading “N.Y.E.”