The Plate

6:32 pm Monday, a ten piece puzzle of a broken plate sits on the slate tile floor. The fight is over, Christine’s point was made. Sarah had never been a good listener; it was her defining non-physical trait. Sitting next to the shattered remnants of the first gift she had given Sarah. Marinara and pastaContinue reading “The Plate”


“It’s winter now. The first snow is falling and here I sit” A glass of bourbon is placed on the recessed windowsill. John looks out longingly through the snow, past the expanse of the park, beyond the ocean on the horizon. “Times were simpler then. You see hate had all but disappeared in the world.Continue reading “Grandpa”

Awkward Moments in Attempted Dating

  Atop a twenty floor apartment building on a summer’s evening twenty or so 18 and 19 year-olds drink and smoke cigarettes awaiting the sunset. The golden sky was a serene backdrop. The forecast was clear for the next hour as a micro-burst approached from the east. On the west side of the roof underContinue reading “Awkward Moments in Attempted Dating”

The Night Reality was Proven

“The weekend has begun! I wish I didn’t have class tomorrow,” Jade takes a drag from the second joint in rotation. Exhaling, “Macro Economics can suck a… Kugh hugh kuh, fat sack.” “Tomorrow is Thursday, we have Anthro 101,” Erik reminds him from across the six-person circle. “Whatever, class is class they all suck. AreContinue reading “The Night Reality was Proven”