The Best Cannabutter

How to Make Cinnamon Infused Cannabutter The Best Cannabutter for Sweet Edibles What is Cannabutter? It is butter infused with THC and other cannabinoids. Cannabutter is the base of many great edible recipes. This recipe, in particular, makes many Incredible Edibles delectable. You have found your new favorite recipe for cannabutter, and it’s only fairContinue reading “The Best Cannabutter”

I’ve Been Called Worse – A Poem

Oreo – by city kids Brew Bear – in college Great hugger – by many A black Seth Rogan – by an ex Black – in my country Negro – by a blind man Gangster – by a stranger Homie – by my white friend My G – by a real G Dawg – whenContinue reading “I’ve Been Called Worse – A Poem”