I’ve Been Called Worse – A Poem

Oreo – by city kids Brew Bear – in college Great hugger – by many A black Seth Rogan – by an ex Black – in my country Negro – by a blind man Gangster – by a stranger Homie – by my white friend My G – by a real G Dawg – whenContinue reading “I’ve Been Called Worse – A Poem”

Jimmy Loves

Jimmy lands his left hook, followed by the haymaker he had been waiting for all two rounds. Glove, an imprint of knuckles, and follow thru was the combination that sent Doug the Dog’s mouthpiece and blood through the air. His mouth guard landed when he did. Coming back to the moment, seeing the ref countContinue reading “Jimmy Loves”

The Night Reality was Proven

“The weekend has begun! I wish I didn’t have class tomorrow,” Jade takes a drag from the second joint in rotation. Exhaling, “Macro Economics can suck a… Kugh hugh kuh, fat sack.” “Tomorrow is Thursday, we have Anthro 101,” Erik reminds him from across the six-person circle. “Whatever, class is class they all suck. AreContinue reading “The Night Reality was Proven”